Eight Ways To Permanently Keep Your Weight In Check
April 25, 2022

Losing weight requires consistency and dedication, and maintaining a slim belly is easier than trying to burn the fat in the area.

Even when you’re on track with your fitness goals, you must work towards maintaining them. If you don’t, you may find yourself gaining a few extra pounds, and the process of shedding them begins again.

Permanent weight loss isn’t possible; it requires consistency with your diet, workout routines, and other health-related parts of your lifestyle. Commit to these eight ways to permanently keep your weight in check:

Avoid fad diets

Research shows that between 18 to 30 percent of people who lose weight through dieting will gain it back within two years! It’s attributed to fad diets, short-term solutions for weight loss.

If you’ve slimmed down because of a short-term diet, you may be at the risk of gaining back those pounds. For a long-term result, you must make permanent changes to your diet and lifestyle.

Strength training

Losing weight can be done with a diet alone but the chances of gaining it back increase if you don’t engage in consistent physical activity. Ditch cardio workouts to maintain your weight and focus more on interval and strength training.

These exercises boost your metabolism, tone your muscles, and keep sneaky pounds in check. You can work out for an hour twice weekly for maximum results.

Take walks often

Conventionally, the average person should walk 1,000 steps to stay fit. You can find engaging ways to incorporate it into your lifestyle, whether by taking the bus on days you skip the gym or walking to places that aren’t too far.

Alternatively, you can dedicate some time to walking for an hour every day. It’s a reliable way to lose weight and keep sneaky pounds at bay.

Eat only when you’re hungry

You’ll undoubtedly gain back those pounds if you keep eating even when you don’t need food. Before putting anything in your mouth, ask yourself why you’re eating it.

Are you angry, anxious, or bored? If hunger isn’t why you’re peeking into the fridge, reach for healthy snacks instead.

Track your weight

Research has shown that hiding from your scale may encourage weight gain; fitness enthusiasts who track their weights frequently are more likely to maintain it.

The scale serves as a priming mechanism that encourages you to watch what you eat and do activities to maintain your body mass.

Workout in the morning

Working out in the morning can help you permanently keep your weight in check. If you wait until your day ends, you may be too tired to do anything significant.

So, early morning is an excellent period for busy people to work out without interfering with their daily routine.

Prep your meals

Working out and tracking your weight aren’t the only requirements for permanently keeping lost weight at bay; you must also pay attention to what you eat.

You can consider prepping your meal before bed; determine what you’ll eat the next day if you don’t already have a timetable. This helps you avoid unhealthy dietary choices.