Fighting Fit: Six Exercises For Senior Citizens
April 24, 2022
Regardless of your age, exercise and a balanced diet are vital for healthy living. However, aging changes some bodily functions and requires diet and workout routine modifications.

Besides, it’s often impossible for most seniors to do many of the exercises they enjoyed engaging in when they were younger. Thankfully, many seniors are starting to realize the health benefits of avoiding a sedentary lifestyle. Fitness isn’t age-restricted, and many workouts that cater to the older population exist.

This blog post will explore the best six exercises for senior citizens:

Water aerobics

This is a popular exercise among all ages, and senior citizens who have arthritis and joint pain may not enjoy other workout options.

However, the water density makes exercises like flutter kicking, standing water push-ups, and arm curls enjoyable and practical options that you can carry out hassle- and pain-free.

Chair Yoga

Seniors need to start slow when looking to increase physical activities, and chair yoga is an excellent, low-impact option. It improves balance and gait, flexibility, muscle strength, and mobility.

Chair yoga puts less strain on the body without diminishing the health benefits of this physical activity. It can also improve the mental health of senior citizens, regulate their sleep, and improve their sense of wellness.

Some chair yoga exercises are the seated twist, seated cat stretch, and overhead stretch, to name a few.

Resistance band workouts

Working with resistance bands is another option for seniors. This low-impact activity adds resistance to your desired workouts without overly stressing your body.

Resistance bands are easy on the palm, user-friendly, and affordable. You can use them at home or when working out with a group of friends. These activities strengthen the core, improve the posture and help with balance.

Some of your options include leg press, bicep curl, and triceps press.


Breathing, alignment, and concentration are the significant aspects Pilates focuses on. This exercise is excellent for the older generation because of its low impact on the body. It’s not also as severe on the joints.

Pilates increases stability and balance, helps with osteoporosis, and improves posture, joints, strength, and posture.

Some Pilates exercises include leg circles, step-ups, mermaid movement, and side circles.


Walking is another excellent option for seniors. It’s non-strenuous, has a low impact, and allows you to enjoy the outdoors. However, it’s often a challenge for some members of the aging population, so it’s important to move at a distance and gait that best suits you.

The recommended daily walking distance is 1,000 steps, but yours may be lower. Walking is excellent for strengthening the muscles and lowering blood sugar, reducing heart disease risk, easing joint pain, and burning calories.

Dumbbell strength training

Dumbbell strength training is also a low-impact exercise that reduces depression, osteoporosis, back pain, and diabetes symptoms. It also enhances glucose control while improving your metabolism.

You should do it with caution, and some workout ideas include the bicep curl, overhead press, triceps extension, and bent-over row.