Ways to Attain and Maintain your Health and Fitness Goals
June 17, 2022

Of the top Desires of the Heart, most of us desire and search for helpful tips on how to Stay Lean and Healthy.   To support this desire, here are a few helpful tips….

    1. Figure out your WHY – Without a reason why you want to get or stay lean, those choices that you have each day to live healthier can easily get out of hand. So figure out your “why”. Is it to feel better, have more energy, to reduce the need for high blood pressure or diabetic medication?
    2. Believe that it is Possible – It has been said that one of the main reasons most diet and exercise plans fail is because of lack of belief. It is very important to pursue your fitness plan and never give up on yourself!

Think, Believe, Dream, Dare
~Walt Disney

    1. Set up your Home to be a Positive Environment – Set up your environment so that it supports your goals. If you are trying to Stay Lean and Healthy you should eat healthy which means that to support your desire, try cleaning out your kitchen, and getting rid of all junk food and unhealthy snacks. Make it a rule to have no junk food in the house.
    2. Make a Plan – Remember the old saying “Those who fail to plan, plan to fail”? Try planning out your meals in advance to help with falling back onto purchasing convenience or fast food or mindless snacking.
    3. Establish the 80/20 rule. Understand that you may not be perfect during certain times such as Summer which brings things like vacation, kids being home, the heat, and all the other things that summer provides. So, the 80/20 rule is to just focus on eating healthy 80% of the time. Looking at the big picture it’s about consistency over time so the more consistent you are at putting lean and clean nutrition in the better your results LONG-TERM.